Strategic Processes

Strategic Management (DE)

Code Procedure Approval
DE-01 P1 Strategic programming and development 18/03/2022
DE-02 P1 Monitoring and measurement
Annex 1: Indicator File
Annex 2: Indicator Request
Annex 3: Indicators Dashboard
DE-03 P1 Management Review System
Annex 1: Management Review System Report


Quality Management and Continuous Improvement (MC)

Code Procedure Approval
MC-02 P1 Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulations Management
Annex 1: Electronic Form for Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulations
Annex 2: Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulations Answers Format
MC-05 P1 Users satisfaction
Annex 1: Annual plan for the users satisfaction evaluation
Annex 2: Data sheet


Key Processes

Academic Management (AC)

Code Procedure Approval
AC-0104 P1 Entry and Admission 10/06/2016
AC-0201 P1 Enrolment 10/06/2016
AC-0401 P1 Certificates Issue 10/06/2016


Teaching (DO)

Code Procedure Approval
DO-0101 P1 Design, verification, modification and accreditation of official degrees 10/06/2016
DO-0102 P1 Monitoring and improvement of degrees 02/10/2013
DO-0103 P1 Degree suspension and termination 02/10/2013
DO-0201 P1 Teaching planning and development 20/12/2017
DO-0202 P1 Promotion of the degrees 02/10/2013
DO-0203 P1 Student Orientation and attention to students with specific needs of educational support
Annex 1: Mentoring Action Programme and attention to students with specific needs of educational support in the Faculty of Sciences (Elaboration Guidelines)
DO-0204 P1 External Academic Internships Management 02/10/2013
DO-0205 P1 Mobility Management 02/10/2013
DO-0301 P1 Public information and accountability 18/03/2022


Support Processes

Staff Management (PE)

Code Procedure Approval
PE-01 P1 Administrative and Service Staff Management 20/12/2017
PE-02 P1 Academic Staff Management 20/12/2017


Document Management (XD)

Code Procedure Approval
XD-01 Documents Control 15/07/2013
XD-02 Registers Control 15/07/2013


Infrastructure and Work Environment Management (IA)

Code Procedure Approval
PA-07 Material resources and services Management 12/11/2008