Designation of the Degree Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering
RUCT Code 2502238
Branch of knowledge Sciences
Teaching centre Faculty of Sciences
Type of education Classroom education
Number of entry-level places 45
Languages of the Degree Spanish and Galician
Number of ECTS 240 (60 Basic education / 108 Mandatory / 60 Optional / 12 Bachelor’s Degree Final Project)
Studying status Full-time and part-time enrolment
Minimum number of ECTS in enrolment 24 ECTS per year (12 ECTS per term)
Permanence Regulation UVIGO 21/06/2017
Diploma Supplement issuing Requirements: RD 22/2015 (BOE 07/02/2015)
Degree Coordinator Juan Carlos Nóvoa Muñoz
Date of authorization for the Degree Decree 385/2009, of the 27/08/2009 (DOG 16/09/2009)
Date of publication of the Study Plan Resolution of the 15/01/2009 (BOE 11/01/2013) | correction 18/01/2016
Date of the latest Accreditation Universities Council 09/06/2016
Current Degree Report Degree Report