Bachelor’s Degrees

Coordination Officer
Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Technology Sidonia Martínez Suárez
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences Elena Martínez Carballo
Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering Juan Carlos Nóvoa Muñoz
Bachelor’s Degrees – 1st year Mª Carmen Seijo Coello
Bachelor’s Degrees – 2nd year María Flora Alonso Vega
Bachelor’s Degrees – 3rd year Mª Inmaculada Franco Matilla
Bachelor’s Degrees – 4th year Beatriz Cancho Grande


Master’s Degrees

Coordination Officer
Master’s Degree in Agrifood and Environmental Science and Technology Fco. Javier Rodríguez Rajo
Master’s Degree in Nutrition Lucas C. González Matías



Coordination Officer
PhD in Agrifood and Environmental Science and Technology Manuel Arias Estévez
PhD in Terrestrial Ecosystems, Sustainable Use and Environmental Implications Adela Mª Sánchez Moreiras