The Mentoring Action Programme in the Faculty of Sciences contains a set of actions that aims to facilitate the integration of the students in the university life and to meet their educational and informative demands.

It means to go beyond the traditional model of university education, only worried about the knowledge transmission, and to go for a model which also includes the socio-educative functions, based on reciprocal relations, and in the interactions mentor-students, students-students, etc. It aims for, ultimately, the personal development, and not only the academic development.

Mentoring Plan for especially difficult subjects

It is addressed for 1st year students and it aims to ease the transition from the baccalaureate to the university. Its main goal is to enhance the academic performance through the strengthening of the knowledge and skills that during the university are of utmost importance in order to meet the established achievements.

Mentoring Action Programme of the Faculty of Sciences (from November, 2015)

Mentoring Action Programme year 2019-2020

Mentors for especially difficult subjects

Subject Mentor
Mathematics To be determined
Physics To be determined
Physics enhancement To be determined
Chemistry To be determined
Basic Operations I To be determined

Mentoring Action Programme Forms

Final Satisfaction Survey for students (Annex I-A)
Final Satisfaction Survey for mentors (Annex I-B)


Coordination of the Mentoring Action Plan

Pedro Araujo Nespereira
+34 988 387 051