Open day in the centre

Xornada de portas aberta 2018

The Food Technology laboratory organizes an open day for baccalaureate students in order to inform them about the possible educational careers regarding the studies in the centre, and the employment and researching opportunities of these studies.


Open day for the World Water Day

Día Mundial da Auga 2018

Students from Ourense came to the Campus of Ourense on the occasion of the celebration of the World Water Day, in a celebration that since the beginning of the process of specialization on the Campus of Ourense as Campus da Auga has become an unmissable event for the academic institution. For a whole morning, the pre-university students can, on one hand, get to know the university premises, the academic courses, and the work developed by the research groups, and on the other hand, become aware of the importance of the fresh water and of the sustainability of its management.