On Thursday, September 17th, the Welcome Ceremony for new Bachelor’s Degree students 2020/2021 will take place in the Assembly Hall Marie Curie of the Polytechnic Building.

To meet the health authorities’ recommendations there will be two shifts:

  • 10.30 am: from students whose surname’s first letter is A to González Rodríguez (included).
  • 12 am: students from González Rodríguez to letter Z.

In the Welcome Ceremony the Dean receives the new students by introducing the centre and explaining the different educative objectives in the different programmes, the composition and work of the different collegiate bodies and the Mentoring Action Programme of the centre. The members of the team and the year coordinators are also introduced. Also, a representative of the students’ union and/or of the different associations takes part in the ceremony, informing about different topics of interest; furthermore, the Library staff informs about the functioning of the Library and of the possibilities offered by this service.

The staff from the Sport Service, the Volunteering Office, and the International Relations Office in the ceremony make a short description on the offered services and the main programmes that they manage. They also invite students to go to their facilities in order to get more information in any of the topics related.