Flórez Fernández

Xunta de Galicia B modality Postdoctoral Fellow

Area of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering

Contact information

Faculty of Science
Edificio Politécnico

As Lagoas, s/n
32004 Ourense

+34 988 387 075

Short CV

PhD from the Universidade de Vigo (Spain) in 2018. Her doctoral thesis was focused on the obtaining of bioactive compounds brown seaweeds using ecofriendly extraction technologies as ultrasound, microwave and subcritical water extraction. As postdoctoral researcher, her field of work is focused on the formulation of polymeric particulate systems (microparticles and nanoparticles), as drug delivery systems, using bioactive extracts. Currently, she has a Postdoctoral contract from Xunta de Galicia.


Teaching profile at UVigo

1st term

2nd term

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences

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